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At Richmond Paraplanning it’s really important for us to provide you with a professional paraplanning service that is tailored to your specific and unique needs. We, as paraplanners within the UK, work alongside you and with you to produce high-quality reports that you can be comfortable presenting to your clients.

If you’re an Independent Financial Adviser who works alone, we can provide you with the support you need so that you can spend more time with your clients. We can offer Suitability Report writing and additional support, depending on your unique requirements.

We believe in a personalised approach. So just tell us a little about you and how you work, and we can tailor a custom-made support package that works with and for you, providing the support that you need.

Why outsource?

- Save time – By outsourcing your paraplanning, you can save time researching, writing lengthy reports and doing complex calculations. This provides you with more time to spend servicing your existing client base and providing them with better customer service.

- Save money – With outsourcing, there are no costs associated with hiring and training staff, which can become really expensive and time consuming. There aren’t any fixed salaries or labour costs. You only pay for the services that you require, when you need them freeing up cash flow within your business.

- Flexibility – As with all industries, Financial Services can see busy times and quiet times. Outsourcing provides flexibility for you to bring in additional resources to allow for seasonal demand.

- Access to external skills – Outsourcing comes with specialist knowledge, expertise, experience and qualifications that you might not have the resources to hire internally.

- Increase your business – Outsourcing allows you to spend more time out there finding new clients to increase your business and workflow.

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